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Hey Guys!
This is my Pretty Little Liars theory post that I announced earlier. It was really exciting for me to put together the hints and to read a lot about different theories. I arranged my theories into categories so I hope they will be easier to follow. The first question I’m trying to find an answer on is:

Who is in the A-Team?

I think in the past seasons everyone has been suspected one or another time. First of all, I’ll just list the people that I consider and then –  at least concerning some of them – I’ll give some explanations on why I consider them.
My guesses are:
Aria, Lucas, Alison?, formerly Wilden
Also I guess that these people have been helping A:
Jenna, Garrett, Jason, Melissa, Cece

She kind of was my number one suspect from the beginning. It just seemed logical to me that it was her considering that A started texting the girls when she came back from Iceland.  And right now I guess that there are really a lot of hints that speak for her as Red Coat.
If you go in for Pretty Little Liars theories you may have heard of a lot of different clues. I’ll just list the ones that seem most convincing to me.

1.       Mona calls Aria “Big A” -> Why would the producers include that if it wasn’t relevant at all?

2.       The Black Swan dress -> I guess that’s the most obvious hint

3.       Everything that A did to Aria kind of turned out in a good way:

          When A made her Hanna give Arias mother the invitation to the gallery opening where Aria and Ezra went, it ended up with her parents getting back together

          When A gave her father the address of the restaurant Aria and Ezra where supposed to go, she ended up not going there and making her father believe that he was too controlling

4.       Alison took all those pictures of Aria when she was sleeping -> maybe she did that because she was finally figuring out that Aria was A

I think that he just has been helping A a few times to often to just be a small part of the whole thing. I also remember the scene in the green house where the girls almost caught him. The girls thought that Jenna and Garrett made him work for them as they were on the A Team. But maybe it was the other way around. Maybe Lucas was on the A Team and Jenna and Gerrit came for A to help.
Who is Red Coat?

As I already said before, I guess there are a lot of hints leading to Aria. I’m kind of sure that she is in the A-Team, but I’m not a 100% sure that she is Red Coat. I think there is one scene in season 3 where she is seen with Red Coat. She could either have made one of her helpers (e.g. Cece) wear the coat or Red Coat is someone else after all.
If Alison actually is still alive then I’m going for her as Read Coat. She was wearing the Read Coat as Vivien Darkbloom and Red Coat kind of looks like her. But as far as Alison is concerned I don’t want to settle on anything.

Is there a Team B?

I’m pretty sure there is. I don’t know if they were there from the beginning or if they got together at some point because A was threatening them, too. I guess that Shana, Jenna and Melissa definitely are members of the team, but I don’t know who else might be on the team. My theory about this is still a little blurry.
But I guess that it’s them who set the fire in the final episode of season 3. When Melissa said “These bitches are all gonna be there tonight” she probably meant the A Team and that’s who they wanted to burn. Maybe they didn’t even know that the girls would be there too.

Theories I don’t like
1.       The Twin Theory: I actually think that it would be kind of lame if they would use the same story as in the books and more than that I already didn’t like this outcoming in the books so I really hope that the show will provide us with a better ending.

2.       Cece or Shana as A: For me it would be quite disappointing if A was a person that first appeared in season 3. I think the head of the A Team should be someone that we knew all along.

Okay, so that’s everything I came to think of so far. I have a lot of different theories about some smaller aspects of the show but these were my main points. I really would like to hear your theories about the show!


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  1. Ich hab nicht ein Ton verstanden aber ich glaube dass du einen guten Post geschrieben hast 🙂

  2. ich liebe pll!!! kann immer gar nicht erwarten wie es weiter geht 🙂 schaue die serie auch auf englisch 🙂 liebe grüße

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