E-Book Reading

Hey guys,

Again I don’t really get to read much since I’ve got to study a lot. But when I am studying I need a break now and then – and I like to spend these breaks reading. I don’t make a lot of progress but that’s fine. As I use to go to the library to study and I always have my iPad with me there but not always a good book (the books in our library are mostly scientific ones)I recently tried out the iBooks app. Actually when e-books first came out I never could imagine reading them. But now that I’ve got the opportunity I kind of see the positive aspects of e-books. I got a free version of Anna Karenina and I don’t have to carry the heavy more than 1000 pages long book with me. Also my eyes don’t hurt looking at the screen all the time as I first feared. Yet it’s not the same as reading an actual paper book. There’s just something missing. Maybe it’s just the feeling of browsing through the pages but I guess it’s also something more. This comfortable feeling that a book gives you somehow is missing for me, the feeling of being able to just dive into another world and forget everything around you. Well, that’s my impression. What are your experiences with e-books? 

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